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A Weaving Circle is...

A place to discover and explore
your natural creativity,
to experience colors, textures and patterns
that make your heart sing as you weave
over and under the wild elemental fibers, touching
with your fingers
what is organic and real...

A community
a place where you can risk being yourself
sharing and weaving your story in a safe
and supportive circle...

A refuge
of peace and belonging
empowering you to weave something
with meaning, healing, supporting
one another with some silence, flow,
time to go inside...

A Celebration
where you're welcome
to dance and sing
where you can vision
how your life could be,
find a way to help the world
and most of all
learn how to live
in a sacred way.

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Weaving Circles Logo Weaving a Life Leadership Training

Weaving a Life Leadership Training is one-on-one personal coaching through the Weaving a Life Process. In this distance learning course that you can take from anywhere in the world by phone — no computer necessary — you will explore how your values affect what you do in your life. In the process of weaving the seven Weaving a Life keyforms, you will create a new vision for yourself and your work. You will become qualified to bring the process you experienced to others, and help them create new visions for themselves.

Weaving Circles bring weaving into the traditional craft circle, a gathering to feel the joy of handwork in a loving and supportive atmosphere. The reward in personal transformative experience is expanded by the opportunity to serve our communities and our world through EarthLoom Projects (visit the EarthLoom Foundation), contributing your energy and knowledge in your own community or anywhere. Weaving Circles and EarthLoom Projects have the power to make a difference in the world.

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Get behind the mind

Weaving a Life keyforms, woven with the fingers, calm our minds, and call into action both left and right brain simultaneously. This integration of logic and intuition, of thinking and feeling, integrates us in deeper ways. Many weavers report feeling a deep peace weaving the keyforms, especially in a circle with others.

Weaving the keyforms brings us to a place behind the mind, behind our outer persona to experience ourselves in a new way.

Benefits for Children

Weaving Circle photos in a circle with a basket of colored yarns

Weaving Circles are wonderful for all ages. The benefits to children in self-esteem and creative achievement make Weaving Circles a wonderful school or club activity. Children who feel as if they have no creativity find such joy in handweaving. Learning to appreciate each other without judgment is an important aspect of Weaving Circles; children learn new ways of socializing and gain new confidence through this activity.

Weaving Circle activities can be the springboard for learning across the curriculum. Weaving has played a large role in history; natural dyes have particular chemical reactions with wool fibers that are interesting and safe to explore. Weaving Circles can be used to meet state learning requirements in health and well-being as well as in creative art, history and science.

Leader Certification Training

Weaving a Life provides training to qualified people to become Certified Weaving Circle Leaders.

Weaving Circle Leaders have the opportunity to:

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