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Weaving Circles can boost your business.

Find out how you can become a Weaving Circle Leader with a training that serves you on many levels and helps you build a loyal circle of customers.

Weaving Circles are groups who gather to weave all seven of the "keyform" projects described in Susan Barrett Merrill's book ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life. Circles typically meet once a month for several months as a series of all-day workshops, and participants all pay for each workshop, and purchase a loom, a book and at least one kit. Circle participants become very loyal, as the keyform projects build on each other sequentially, and provide participants with very positive experiences on both a personal and creative level. They continue to purchase materials, media and other products as they move through the projects.

Weaving Circles have been featured in Living Crafts Magazine and are the subject of an interview in the upcoming issue of Handwoven Magazine. ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life received a glowing review by noted tapestry weaver Sarah Swett in Spinoff Magazine, and Weaving a Life has contributed articles to magazines and professional journals, including Voices, a professional journal for psychotherapists, who have realized the value of Weaving a Life's philosophy for building self-esteem and personal creativity.

This is a perfect opportunity for building sales. Weaving a Life is offering distance-learning training for leading Weaving Circles. This is an opportunity to build your business and experience a personally rewarding training.

Find out more about what Weaving Circles can do for your business.