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Reviews of Susan Barrett Merrill's
The Art of Weaving a Life

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EarthLoom DVD - The story of the EarthLoom and a middle school class who created one. Details of their weaving, plans for building an EarthLoom and instructions for weaving on it are included.

"Merrill gives us a stunning book...calmly blasting walls between life and art the way Cameron did in The Artist's Way, or Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones. So honestly written, so packed with wisdom..."

--Daniela Kuper, author of Hunger and Thirst


"Susan Barrett Merrill's book leads one through seven simple yet profound, rigorous yet joyful steps to deep connection with the self and then to the world. Susan's writing is not new-agey or rhetorical. Her vision is of peace, community, psychological and spiritual health, and love. Moreover, her vision is egoless and generous: it asks you to discover your depth, not hers. It's a vision of ancient practice and wisdom without which no modern technology can save us."

--Robert Shetterly, artist and author of Americans Who Tell The Truth


"ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life is part metaphor, part instruction, part story, part psychology. Susan Barrett Merrill helps us understand the centuries-old metaphor, entertains us with beautifully written archetypal stories, and guides us to a more fully understood life of love, awareness, and healing. Stunning photographs coupled with eloquently written text help open doors to our inner thoughts, coax our inner and outer lives into synch, and show us that peace is possible."

--Cynthia Thayer, fiber artist and author of Strong For Potatoes,
A Brief Lunacy,
and A Certain Slant of Light


"This book is a treasure!" --Katharine Cobey, fiber artist and teacher