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Weaving a Life Garden Loom

Garden Loom with Lupines and herbs, Sugar Maple and Red Maples in background

Mother and child weave on a Garden LoomThe four-season Weaving a Life Garden Loom is a stunning companion in your garden space. Part sculpture, part loom, part wildlife attractor, the Weaving a Life Garden Loom is hand crafted by skilled woodworkers from responsibly harvested native Maine cedar for beauty, durability and a heavenly aroma, and easily "planted" in your garden.

Approximately six feet high and three feet wide, the Garden Loom is a beautiful and harmonious addition to your landscaping, formal garden, or country garden. It is easy to string it with the vertical strings (called "warp threads") of jute garden twine. We offer natural jute for a stain-free warp.

Weaving a Life Garden Loom: children weaving in food for birdsWeave in food for birds: cranberries, popcorn, pumpkin seeds from Halloween, softened in water and strung on button thread. Save sunflower crowns and weave them in--think of your own materials to weave in!

Weave in straw, grasses, dried flowers, cornsilk, cattail leaves, or any garden materials. Fall leaves make a lustrous wall of color. Train spring climbing flowers into a living weaving. Let your imagination go!


Left, children weave cranberry chains, dried apple slices, and wool into a garden loom so the birds can feed during the winter, and use the wool to make nests in the spring.

Young people love to weave on a Garden LoomWeaving a Life Garden Loom in the garden

Garden Looms are hand crafted. Please allow three weeks to ship.

View Larger Image | Order the Garden Loom: $795

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