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Handwoven Zati Mask

The Zati Handwoven Mask    Visit Zati Mask website >>

Zati is an Urdu word, meaning "from the inside" or "from an inner place."

Condensed from the chapter "The Mask: Identity" in ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life:

The mask which I have come to call the Zati mask came to me in a dream on August 13, 1989. In the dream, I was living near Barcelona, Spain, attending a university. Later in the dream I saw a wooden wagon, filled with extraordinary woven masks.

A woman gave me a mask and explained in detail how she had woven mine. She said, "This mask will teach you something very important about yourself. When you find out what that is, share it with others."

That was the gift of the mask.

I weave Zati masks flat on the hand loom (the Journey Loom™ is perfect for this) and transform them three-dimensionally off the loom through weft-wedging techniques, pulling the warp and felting them onto headdresses. See an intro to the DVD about my woven masks:

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Interview with Growing Wisdom

A Forgotten Art

In our culture, we have completely forgotten the meaning of the mask. It has been suppressed and trivialized because it is so powerful.

As a keyform, the mask is an energetic healing tool. The Latin persona means mask. Historically, masks played the role of shifting our point of view from logical to symbolic thinking. Masks act as gatekeepers for the opening between the world of objects and the mystery.

Visit the Zati Mask Website

The Zati Mask Workshop

This workshop may be two-days to one week in duration. Weaving a Life Workshops involve song, movement, and story as well as weaving on the seven-stick Journey Loom.

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