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What Weaving a Life Students say about their training

This practice of working with my hands and going beneath language has shown me a way to allow my creativity to find expression. Weaving a Life touches my soul. It’s a mirror. This work informs me about myself.

This is different from therapy. What you do is not looking at what’s wrong. It’s looking for the truth behind what’s wrong, bringing forward what needs to come to light, and letting the rest fall away.

-- Linda Chidsey, student in class at Kripalu Yoga Center, now Weaving Circle Leadership student, with her woven mask (just off the loom), the fifth keyform in the Weaving a Life process

Thank you for providing the teacher and the opportunity through Weaving Circle Leader training. I know that all those I encounter in the future will benefit from this work.

catie with her woven bowl, the second Weaving a Life keyformThis experience has been transformational for me. It has helped me to open my heart to the wonderful positive things in myself and my life...You find wonderful things in what I would see as obstacles...I needed to learn how to play again and carry the positive energy into my world.

-- Catie, a student in class at Kripalu Yoga Center, with her woven bowl, the second of seven keyforms in the Weaving a Life process

brigitta with her woven doll, the third Weaving a Life keyform Thank you for creating a warm safe space for us to explore ourselves. To share your experience of weaving and invite us to consider the inner work that goes hand in hand with the weaving was profound.

The experience was playful, creating great friends, and inviting us to do deep work. You have opened up new worlds for me.

-- Brigitta, a student in class at Kripalu Yoga Center, with her woven doll, the third of seven Weaving a Life keyforms

lee-ann weaving in Weaving a Life class at Kripalu Even though I’ve woven for thirty years, and taught for a fair number of those, this class revealed a whole new way of seeing and doing, taking artistic, creative work much deeper into a personal and transformative process.

--Lee Ann, a student in class at Kripalu, weaves on her Journey Loom.

My heart began to "sing" as I read with interest about you and your book. I ordered a copy on the spot. [she soon became a Weaving Circle Leadership student]

I was surfing the Web and chanced upon your site. After looking your site over I was estatic at what I found! Your workshops were what I had been wanting to do on this property. Incorporating art and fiber, as well as spirituality and Nature. Re-connecting people back to basics and the Earth.

I am very strong at manifesting which I am sure is the reason I came upon your site... I am really looking forward to the personal growth I will gain from becoming a Weaving Circle Leader.

However, my real work is about finding my self, my being - that is the work...being a Weaving Circle Leader will provide me with that opportunity of self discovery and help others do the same.

I want to grow and expand my spiritual awareness and find new and meaningful ways to connect with others. The Weaving Circle [training] strikes me as a wonderful, creative way to do both.

I have had a number of serendipitous discoveries in the past few weeks, and this training program is one. As I have read and re-read the description, I feel that being a Weaving Circle Leader is part of a new and satisfying direction.