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Weaving a Life Leadership Training

Level I Certification Training for Teaching the Weaving a Life Process and Philosophy

Twelve 1-hour sessions with Certification, $2100

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The essential foundation for Weaving Circle Leaders. Twelve sessions of one hour each with Susan Barrett Merrill, the originator of Weaving a Life.

The Weaving Circle is a group that meets to weave the first six keyforms. Learn the Weaving a Life process and philosophy in depth, and become certified to lead your own workshops and Weaving Circles.

Twelve weekly sessions on the Weaving a Life philosophy, the keyforms, and issues of Weaving Circle leadership. Includes Weaving Circle Training Syllabus, coursework assignments and keyform reviews, and private online Student Pages accessed through a login. Certified leaders' pages are upgraded to Leader Pages, which include a personal leader page that appears on the Weaving a Life Website, marketing materials, and an online system for creating and scheduling Weaving Circles. Your Weaving Circle schedule appears online, with details and contact information, and automatically-generated map and directions to your Circle location.

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Weaving a Life One on One

Twelve 1-hour sessions, $1800

Ask about our payment plan, $150 a month

Twelve sessions, one hour each, with Susan Barrett Merrill on the Weaving a Life Process and Philosophy.

This incredible one-on-one experience has amazing results for personal awareness, personal growth, and a sense of mission in your life. This is the full Weaving a Life class experience, without the business training and certification. Please note: this class does not include certification to teach Weaving a Life.

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EarthLoom Certification Training

Five 1-hour sessions, $400

May be paid in four monthly payments

This one-on-one training will take you through all aspects of planning and running a successful EarthLoom event. Building the loom, choosing materials, publicity, facilitating the event, finishing the weaving, and followup are all part of an EarthLoom event. Many people spontaneously create EarthLoom events with varying results. You can insure you are prepared for every eventuality, and become a Certified EarthLoom Leader.

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Creativity Coaching

Five 45-minute phone sessions, $450

Ask about our payment plan of $90 a month

Your creativity is not separate from the rest of your life. There are 112 waking hours in a week. How many do you give to your creative work? Creativity coaching is similar to life coaching, but focuses on your creative work, helping you develop your artistic and humanistic talents. Susan Barrett Merrill is a Life Coach certified by the International Coach Federation.

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