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Weaving a Life Leaders will find fulfillment and satisfaction in leading a group of weavers through the seven Weaving a Life keyforms. You can be trained to fill this rewarding role. Weaving a Life offers Weaving a Life Leader Certification Training on an individualized basis.


What Certification Training Includes

  • Classes: 12 one-on-one phone sessions on the Weaving a Life philosophy, the seven keyforms, and circle leadership
  • Weaving Circle Training Syllabus
  • Coursework assignments and reviews
  • Partnerships and conference calls
  • Materials: A complete Weaving a Life package:
    • Journey Loom
    • ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life softcover book
    • Audio Book
    • Other Faces DVD (Zati Masks)
    • EarthLoom DVD
  • Students-only Online Pages
  • Download coursework and documents
  • One on one attention at all times
  • Final review and examination
  • Award of Certification on successful completion

Certified Leaders receive

  • Leader Manual: Weaving Circle Leader Guide
  • The right to use the Weaving Circle logo, name, and materials
  • Lifetime Leader Community Forum
  • Marketing Tools: Downloadable Marketing Materials
    • Expanded private online pages
    • Templates for letters and posters
    • High-res logos for advertising

Besides training, and lifetime support, Leaders receive a Weaving Circle Leader's Manual, which works with the book ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life as a guide for leading Circles, as well as the online tools and templates for posters, emails, letters and advertising graphics.

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Distance Learning makes it accessible

worldmap_sidebar.gifWe are providing the training online and by telephone and email, making it available anywhere. This distance learning course consists of study materials, weaving, one-on-one telephone sessions, written assessments and lifetime email support. It will prepare you for all the aspects of leading a Weaving Circle through all seven keyforms, empowering Circle members to gain deeper understanding of themselves in a supportive circle.

The Weaving Circle Leader Guide works as a supplement to Susan Barrett Merrill's book ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life. Together they form a comprehensive source for learning the Weaving a Life philosophy and the keyforms, gaining detailed information about the special issues involved in guiding a group through the Weaving a Life process, and an aid to organizing, publicizing and managing your Weaving Circle Leadership role.

Incorporate Weaving a Life in Professional Practice

story-loom-accessible.jpgWeaving Circle training can help you incorporate Weaving a Life activities in your work. Counselors, occupational therapists, and social workers will find that the simple, clear approach and beautiful materials are ideal for gaining that new slant on personal growth or rehabilitation.


  • The Story Loom is perfect for groups and waiting rooms; the loom and weaving materials are large enough even for those with impaired motion, yet provide intrinsic motivation to improve motor control in both large and small motions.
  • The Journey Loom is the light and portable individual loom: weave in bed, in a wheel chair, on a couch, at a table.
  • The connection of logical physical activity with intuitive sensory experience makes Weaving a Life activities ideal for challenging students. In addition, weaving is gender-independent: boys love weaving on the Journey Loom.
  • The inner meanings of the keyforms, as the weaving process accesses wordless places, can create a space of safe expression for troubled individuals.
  • The spiritual aspects of Weaving a Life make Weaving Circles a perfect activity for spiritual retreats, church education programs, and mind/body/spirit centers.
  • The integrative power of weaving the keyforms in a calm and reflective atmosphere make the Weaving a Life approach a natural addition to alternative and complementary therapies
  • Youth at risk respond to Weaving a Life's no-nonsense approach to the issues that are at the heart of their challenges.
  • Government programs, hospital programs and school programs in schools for special needs and at risk youth are now operating or in the planning stages both in the United States and abroad.

Grow as a person through Leader Training

leader-development.jpgLeader training incorporates a deep coaching experience with the founder of Weaving a Life, Susan Barrett Merrill, as well as learning tapestry and sculptural weaving techniques. Susan has been a weaver, spinner, and natural dyer for 35 years. Her work is internationally exhibited. She is a certified professional coach, a certified teacher and career consultant. Working through Leader training gives Leaders opportunities for deepening their own personal vision. Leaders experience weaving all seven keyforms in sequence under the guidance of Susan herself.

Weaving Circle Leader training is itself a life-transforming experience.

Rewards for leadership

In addition, Leaders can earn income through leading Weaving Circles. Every session is a full-day workshop, and some are two days. Charging a modest fee for each session will not only compensate you for your training and efforts, but reward you for your commitment to becoming fully qualified as a leader, and your commitment to the Circle. Joining a Weaving Circle is a big step for a member, and their commitment to continue through all the keyforms derives from your energy and your leadership. Once they commit, they have a large personal stake in the transformative power of the Weaving a Life process. In order to realize their own personal goals, they need a committed and motivated Leader, one they can trust to hold their energy and guide them through the entire process.

Your belief in yourself as that leader can earn you extra income as well.*

In addition, every Circle member will need a Journey Loom, a book, and at least the Amulet Kit to begin. Subsequent keyforms will need warp thread and yarns, as well as decorative materials for embellishment. There are several options for providing the materials.

  • You may choose to work with a local store to supply the Journey Looms, books, kits and supplies.
  • Your members may purchase Weaving Circle materials from Weaving a Life, with a commission to you the Leader.
  • You may become your own small business, and buy from Weaving a Life at wholesale prices.
  • If you already have your own business, you may buy materials from Weaving a Life wholesale.



Tuition is $2100, with a $100 non-refundable deposit due with your application. Weaving a Life works with a local bank who is enthusiastic about Weaving Circles the Leader Training. Their financing plan for Leader tuition can be made available to anyone in the US. Contact us for more information.

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Apply now online. Training is individualized and self-paced.

* Let's look at the opportunity. Consider a modest fee of $50 per session per person (remember these are full-day workshops). Each keyform requires at least one day. The doll may need two days, and the mask does require two days. Including the closing session to complete the shawl and the cycle, that's 9 or 10 sessions. 9 sessions x $50 per session is $450 per person over the course of the sessions (typically several months to a year).

  • For a 5-person Circle, you earn $2,250
  • For a 10-person Circle you earn $4,500

At $65 per person per session:

  • For a 5-person Circle, you earn $2,925
  • For a 10-person Circle you earn $5,850

Since a circle meets once a week at the most, more typically once a month, a Leader can host more than one circle. The rewards in both personal and financial terms can be very great.