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Meet the EarthLoom™

boys-bermuda-earthloom.jpgThe EarthLoom is a living symbol of our intention to weave together the fabric of community. The Journey EarthLoom is a means for the individual to build a conscious vision for one's life.

The Story EarthLoom and Garden EarthLoom bring the magic of weaving together to groups, families in hospital waiting rooms, celebrations, memorial gardens, and ceremonies.

The Grand EarthLoom helps communities to unite hands and hearts to build and weave together an emblem and an instrument of peace. With many hands on both sides of the loom, we use our differences to create art in which every contribution is vital to the design as a whole.

The EarthLoom Foundation is building funds to provide scholarships for those who need financial assistance in obtaining training, looms, or materials for EarthLoom projects. 10% of proceeds of the sale of the DVD Building and Weaving on the EarthLoom go to that fund.

Download the EarthLoom video and plans

View a slide show of an EarthLoom project created by an art teacher in northern Maine.

See EarthLoom Projects on
the EarthLoom website.