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What is Weaving a Life?

The Art of Weaving a Life is the journey to the source of our choices which determine the nature of our experiences. It is the apprenticeship to weaving a conscious and intentional life, and can be part of the preparation to living a spiritual life. It is the process of recognizing, receiving, and living in harmony with our own deepest truths.

A Language of Transformation

Weaving a Life embodies a language of transformation. I have called the seven patterns in my book, ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life, keyforms, because each one is both universal form and ancient symbol. Each represents a choice, a stage in the journey of life, or a rite of passage.

These seven keyforms map out a fundamental process we all follow at any level, with every choice we make, whose structure is rooted in the natural relationship of awareness and action and in our deepest patterns of behavior. They could be called fractal, because they are true at any scale. The stages of the journey, the terms of this language of transformation, can be applied to one's whole life, to a chapter in it, or to its smallest moments. More on keyforms | A Reader's Story on Weaving Keyforms

Weaving Circles based on the keyforms

A Vertical Warp of Inner Being

The inner life is like the vertical warp on a loom. The weft of our daily acts weave through our inner values and beliefs with each moment. The warp in a tapestry is hidden beneath the weft, but it is the warp that provides the inner strength to the fabric. Our inner being provides the guiding threads on which the pattern of our lives is woven.

Some physical benefits of Weaving a Life

About Susan Barrett Merrill

photo of Susan's faceFiber sculptor and certified life coach Susan Barrett Merrill attended Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, studied art at the Aegean School of Fine Arts in Greece, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in education and art from Goddard College in Vermont, and received a graduate degree from New Experimental College in Jutland, Denmark.

Susan holds professional certifications in education, career development and life coaching, and is a member of the International Coach Federation. She has been developing life plans with a wide range of clients since 1983. She is a pioneer in the field of fiber arts education for people with disabilities, and has represented the United States at symposia on arts and disabilities in Kobe, Japan and Washington, D.C.

Susan's Zati masks have seen performance and exhibition in the US and abroad, including the Fiber Biennale in Chieri, Italy. She presents hands-on workshops based on each of the seven keyforms. Email Susan at susan at Susan's Zati Mask website:

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