• Reveal the power and vision inside you


  • Expand your vision of who you are and what you can become


  • Work through barriers to find creative strength


  • Handwoven Masks, Leader Training, Tools for Learning


  • An EarthLoom™ creates a peaceful center for your garden


  • Weaving a Life students find deep personal meaning in the keyforms


  • Weave the true you

  • Expand your vision

  • Find creative strength

  • A-R-T

  • EarthLooms

  • Leadership Training

Weaving is a metaphor
for the way life works


First we connect the vertical threads of our body from the sky to the Earth. The horizontal threads are woven with every thought and movement in and out of time, day and night as we live our lives.

When you feel those colors and that fabric emerging whole, forming under your fingers, you begin to understand your own real nature, empowering you to choose again, to experience a new perspective from the creator's point of view.

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circlephoto.jpgWeaving a Life Education involves one-on-one personal coaching through the seven keyforms of the Weaving a Life Process. Take this distance learning course from anywhere in the world by phone — no computer necessary! You will explore how your values affect what you do in your life.

In the process of weaving the seven Weaving a Life keyforms, you will create a new vision for yourself and your work. You will become qualified to bring the process you experienced to others, and help them create new visions for themselves. And you will see how the the act of creating the keyforms imbues them with meaning and memory of the process of weaving them, so their gift is accessible any time.

Two new classes added

EarthLoom Leadership Training is five sessions, covering all aspects of planning and facilitating EarthLoom events.

Creativity Coaching is five one-on-one sessions with certified coach Susan Barrett Merrill, focused on bringing your creativity to light, or the next level.

Weaving a Life: Personal and Spiritual Growth

loom-window.jpg Weaving a Life is simple symbolic weaving suitable for both beginning and experienced weavers as a way to explore the inner self and create balance and wholeness in our world.

The Weaving a Life Process is an approach to re-visioning oneself and one’s possibilities through a hands-on process of creating a series of simple weavings called keyforms.

The keyforms – amulet, bowl, doll, belt, mask, sacred bundle, and shawl – are elemental forms common to all cultures throughout the world. They become physical manifestations of personal meaning for the one who creates them. The woven forms hold symbolic significance in themselves, and form a kind of vessel or template for the individual to create a unique and personal experience of a path to self-discovery.

Weaving a Life is a personal process for revealing the vision and gifts you already hold inside.

How Weaving a Life has changed people's lives

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The Art of Weaving a Life published by Schiffer Publishing

The Art of Weaving a LifeWe're delighted to announce the publication of The Art of Weaving a Life (formerly ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life) in full color by Schiffer Publishing. The new edition is re-designed to be even more beautiful than before, and is the same book thousands of readers have come to know and love.

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Weaving a Life Studio Gallery

Weaving a Life Studio Gallery is open for visitors.

Please call ahead so I can warm up the studio!


If you are in Eastern Maine, you'll want to make it a point to come by the gallery to see Susan's stunning masks, take a class in weaving or spinning, or just see the looms and Susan's current work. At right is a happy mask woven of banana bark fiber and Sabal palm fiber. Who wouldn't be happy with the hammock slung between two palm trees?

Whether collecting art, taking classes, or exploring, friends and family can weave together on our EarthLoom, and learn about fiber art in Maine.

Masks - Rugs - Books - Earrings
Dolls - Looms - Cards - CD/DVD
Classes and Workshops

Email Susan or call 207-326-9503

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Spring Newsletter

Our spring newsletter had another contest, this time for the most intriguing use of Story EarthLoom plans. The winner will be announced in the July newsletter. Sign up below!

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Thanks to everyone who contributed

Our journey to Florida for the Artist in Residence Program of the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast in Osprey, Florida, in  January and February 2015 was postponed to the fall of 2017. They will provide living and gallery space, and beautiful grounds. Thank you again to all those who gave so generously! We will apply your gift when we attend.

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Innovative Books and Materials


The Art of Weaving a Life

The new full-color edition of Susan Barrett Merrill's ground-breaking book, published in Fall 2016, introduces the Weaving a Life process, the seven keyforms, and the deeper meanings of the Weaving a Life Journey Loom™ (the original Seven-Stick Loom). The process and the keyforms are explored in depth, and instructions for weaving each keyform are given at the end of each chapter. This beautiful book contains 144 pages, including over 200 color photographs and illustrations, bibliographic sources, a glossary, biographical information on the author, the creator of the keyform instructions, and the designer of the book, as well as an appendix introducing the Earth Loom.

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Reviews of The Art of Weaving a Life by Susan Barrett Merrill

"Merrill gives us a stunning book...calmly blasting walls between life and art the way Cameron did in The Artist's Way, or Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones. So honestly written, so packed with wisdom..."

--Daniela Kuper, author of Hunger and Thirst

journey-loom-medium.jpgJourney Loom

The unique portable EarthLoom used in the book for weaving the seven Weaving a Life keyforms. Light, portable, easily disassembled with the weaving still on it. Weave anywhere: on a plane, in a canoe, by the fireplace, by the lake, at the coffee shop - anywhere you can go, you can take the Journey Loom

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